Arnold and Sly reel back the 80’s

Looks like Doc Brown himself has gun it to 88 mph and taken us all back to the 80’s, because it certainly feels that way in the movie world lately. Well, more specifically, it feels that way because past action heroes from the screen have decided to show their face again…and boy do their faces have some miles on them.

While this weekend’s big release, The Expendables 2, has everyone from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Walker Texas Ranger himself making an appearance, the movies two most recognizable faces, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have already decided to continue on making movies. This week, both of these action stars released trailers to their new movies:

The Last Stand: Arnold makes sure to make as many references to his old age, and time away from the screen in this trailer. So much actually, that you can forgive him for how awful this really looks, and just appreciate the fact that he’s far, far away from a podium. (Jan 18th 2013)

Bullet to the Head: Compared to Arnold, Sylvester Stallone’s acting seems to be a bit more seasoned…although he does look like a piece of meat, so that’s not really fair to Arnold. In this trailer, Sly states “This is the last time, I’ll never do this again,” but as much cheese that comes out of this trailer, it’s what we love about it.  So here’s hoping that Sly continues making these films. (February 1st 2013)

And hey, if these movies kick ass, maybe we can do Arnold and Sly a favor and have dinner at Planet Hollywood. Just kidding.

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