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American Idol Finally Lands Their Judges…

After months and months of speculations and rumors, American Idol has finally reeled in their four judges. Here is a quick breakdown of the four:

Nicki Minaj: One may not need to have “Closed Captions” on their television screens, as Minaj will not be rapping on the judges tables, but she will try to hand down her “wisdom” to the thousands of hopefuls on stage. It is definitely interesting to see such an artist, one of the most popular artist at the moment, take a shot at judging a singing competition, but people will tune in regardless, if not just to see Minaj’s choice of wardrobe.  

Keith Urban: Looking to add a little bit of country (although their is no Rock N’ Roll…I’m too young for that reference) Idol has gotten Keith Urban to agree to sit on one of those vacant judges table. Urban has the pipes, a respected career, and the experience to really bring some legitimacy to the table. Plus, we can all just swoon at his accent (look out for Australian fueled jokes aimed at him all season).

Mariah Carey: The biggest diva of them all will of course be Mariah Carey. Carey was the first of the four to sign, and she has already created a bit of a stir when she reportedly didn’t want Nicki Minaj to sign on. While Carey has an incredible voice, she probably needs this gig more than anyone, as her career needs a boost, and Nick Cannon needs to continue getting his allowance.

Randy Jackson: I’m sure Jackson now feels like a bit of an outsider now that three  popular artists will sit besides him. Jackson, entering his 12th season as an Idol Judge, still sounds like he knows what he’s talking about most of the time (and he his “dogs” and yo’s have dwindled a bit) so he is a solid holdover from last season. I really just want to see Randy and Nicki banter with each other.

Randy digs this.

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A Christmas Story 2 trailer released: Kids lose Christmas Spirit

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and Warner Bros. wants to make sure they ruin them for you. So, they have decided to release the trailer for the “official sequel” of one of the most beloved Christmas movies ever, “A Christmas Story.” Coal is so hundred years ago, instead, how about you hand those bad kids a copy of this straight to DVD, soon to be “Wal-Mart bin destined” film. Not even the Grinch agrees with this movie. Hey, maybe he’ll do you a favor and sneak into your house and set fire to it for you

If you want to get a head start on crushing everyone’s holiday spirit, this DVD is released on October 30th, and can also be used as a lovely coaster for Halloween parties. Thanks, Warner Bros.

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