About this Guy

*The following bio is not available on audio-tape. Mr. Brunati could not get Morgan Freeman to read it for audio-tape because Mr. Freeman would not return his phone calls nor did he allow Mr. Brunati to come within 200 yards of him.

Bryan Brunati, or Bryan, or just B (no one calls him that) is an aspiring writer who dreams of putting his English Degree to good use. And yes, he acknowledges the fact that if one does not put their English Degree towards becoming a teacher, one would have not put their English Degree to good use at all.

But Bryan is out to prove the naysayers wrong. Born In Brooklyn, New York, to parents that were not famous, Bryan was put at a disadvantage from birth. Bryan could play the recorder as a child, but he knew that would not make a difference to anyone above the age of six.

So, Bryan decided that he would use his words to break the color barrier, he quickly realized that he was neither Black nor was he Jackie Robinson. But Bryan continued writing through all levels of school,  even going as far as eating alone at lunch and rejecting dates from super hot girls, just to write.

Bryan went on to the University Of Central Florida, where it seemed that ray-bans, shorts, and flip-flops were the agreed upon choice of wardrobe amongst the students. Bryan worked for his school’s literary journal, and he quickly felt like a powerful warlord, rejecting work after work. He made sure to have an evil laugh as he used the red stamp.

Today, Bryan has hopes of writing for a publication, perhaps having his own column one day. He will also like to write a novel, write for a television show, re-watch all seasons of LOST again, and get abs.

Bryan is also aware that speaking in the third person is obnoxious.

Bryan is okay with that.


One thought on “About this Guy

  1. debreilly says:

    This writer believes the entertaining Mr. Brunati will achieve much success, putting his writing degree to excellent use.

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