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The Great Gatsby Says Hello to Summer 2013

As if the Oscar Gods hadn’t screwed with Leonardo Dicaprio enough, we are now learning that Warner Bros. have decided to pack up their highly anticipated film, based on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the same name, and ship it to 2013.

Originally, Gatsby was schedule to be released Christmas day 2012, and would have gone up against another Dicaprio film, Django Unchained. People (film nerds/me) have already begun to speculate reasons for the surprising change in release date:

They are as follow – budget concerns, negative feedback, re-shoot scenes, financial gain, a curse set upon Dicaprio, a spell put upon Dicaprio, and my favorite, the Oscar Gods playing a sick joke on Dicaprio.

Regardless, it seems we will all have to wait just a bit longer to see how Baz Luhrman take on the Great Gatsby will turn out, and if it will be a very Gatsby summer 2013 for us all.

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Things that May Occur Before Leonardo Dicaprio Finally Wins an Oscar

He will never say it, but Leonardo Dicaprio has been carefully selecting his roles to win that coveted Oscar for years now. In fact, the internet world as caught on and has even poked a little fun at Dicaprio’s jouney (thank Tumblr). But, with Dicaprio’s highly anticipated upcoming roles in “The Great Gatsby” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” Dicaprio may just win that naked gold man.

Until then, if the trend continues, here are some things that may occur before Leo ever wins that Oscar:

1) Cubs Win the World Series: Okay, this may be exaggerating a bit, but hey, the Cubbies will win….someday. Who am I kidding? I will win an Oscar before the Cubs ever win the World Series.

2) A New Social Website Kicks Facebook into the Dust: While Facebook’s popularity has dipped a tad, it would come has no surprise if a new social website, like….Face-space…or…..Look How Fat Your High School Friends Have, take Facebook’s spot.

3) Jurassic Park 4 is Released: Now I know there has been some recent talks about there finally being some movement on the Jurassic Park front, but let’s be honest, they are moving at a snail’s pace. But hey, you may hear those Dinosaurs roar again, before you hear someone say Leonardo Dicaprio’s name at the Oscars.

4) You Pay off your Loans: Leo may actually have a chance here.

5) Nicki Minaj is Finally Understood by Humans: This one may take a while, as we are far from understanding her, so once again, Leo may have a shot.

Granted, he’s been robbed a few times, but that’s what Leonardo deserves for stealing our hearts in Titanic. And yes, he still has mine, but hell, that little statue will find it’s way into his hands someday.

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