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You, like me, have probably wondered what would happen if we were overrun by psychotic zombies, and our only hope were a group of vampires who were actually pretty good people. Well, quit your wondering! Because in this installment of Redbox Gold Finds, a glorious film shows us exactly what would transipire.


There are just too many wonderful things in this trailer. The fantastic acting, the overload of guns being shot, not to mention the amazing movements from the zombies, who look like they have been trained to star in “Zombie: The Musical.” I mean, look how graceful their movie are.

Personally, my favorite part of the trailer has to be when the vampire army group steps out of the van and Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow me Away” kicks in; because every vampire wielding a machine gun, and killing musically trained zombies, needs a good rock song to really pump them up.

But, with the few lines in the trailer, one just takes the cake: “Great, psychotic vampires that are impossible to kill.” “Not impossible…….(pause)…….(more pause)……..(you know something good is going to be said)…….difficult.” Just think of it as Jason Bourne being bitten by a vampire and is now kicking ass…dead ass…whatever that means.

I think it is pretty fair to say that this piece of B-flick art is GOLD approved.

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RedBox Gold Finds: The Terror Experiment

Among hundreds of movies and games that the glorious wondrous redbox offers, I sometimes come across something I like to call a “Gold-Find.”  According to the dictionary that I don’t have in front of me, a “Gold-Fine” is defined as discovering a movie or game that is so atrocious and cringe-worthy, it sickens you to think it took you this long to find it.

I present to you my first Gold Find. Ladies and Gentlemen:


Yes, put this gem at the end of a rainbow. This was beautiful.

Let’s recap some of the notable faces we see in the trailer: C. Thomas Howell, Fat Judd Nelson, Jason London, and my favorite, Dunbar from MTV’s The Challenge.

Now let’s recap some of the fantastic one liners:

-” If we don’t get out of the stairs, we’re dead.”

-“They’ll label me a terrorist, but I’m a patriot.”

Hey, as long as Judd Nelson walks away from an exploding building and pumps his fist in the air, than this will be worth.

I officially stamp this movie, with a stamp I don’t have because I was too cheap to buy one, as GOLD.

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