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5 new fall shows we hope to “fall” for

Now that the summer season is winding down, and the kids are going back to school, it’s time to for us adults to go back to our responsibilities: watching television (bonus points if you still watch television shows on an actual television). The fall season calls for dozens and dozens of new shows, more than half will see the axe in a flash, but here are five shows we’ll be rooting for.

The Mindy Project: Have a quirky girl tackle life’s issues, add a few funny friends, and you have Fox’s hit show New Girl. Well, you also have Mindy Kaling’s (the Office) new show “The Mindy Project.” Hot on the success of New Girl, Fox will once again try to cash in on this formula and hope for the same success. Mindy Kaling comedic skills deserves center stage attention, so here’s hoping this one has legs and an audience.

Go On: Matthew “Chandler” Perry is hoping that third time is a charm for him. After Friends,  Perry has had two failed shows (Studio 60, Mr. Sunshine) and is putting his money on this third effort, Go on. Perry stars as a sportscaster who turns to a grief group after his wife dies. While the premise doesn’t exactly have me “dying” in laughter, one can only hope that this show lives up to the expectations, or it might be the beginning of the end of Perry’s career. Okay, I’m done with the death puns.

Chicago Fire: Jesse Spencer goes from cutting people open, to now saving them from burning buildings in NBC’s Chicago Fire. In Chicago Fire, we follow a bunch of hot firefighters as they save lives and sleep with each other. It’s Grey’s Anatomy in a firehouse, so that should be enough for viewers to tune in. On “House” I also felt Jesse Spencer’s character was the most interesting after House himself, so it will be nice if he can catch my attention again this time around.

Revolution: After the culture phenomenon that “Lost” was, networks have been trying for years to think up of another concept that will have similar effect. J.J. Abrams fingers will be all over this one as well (that may sound a bit strange out of context) and NBC will be hoping that their show about a world thrown into darkness, will be one that people stick around for.

The Mob Doctor: Because we’re still tending to our House wounds, Fox is hoping that another medical drama will be suffice. In Mob Doctor, Jordana Spiro stars as a doctor who is working for the Mafia in order to pay off her brother’s debt. The premise sounds promising, but one can not help think whether viewers will be saying “it’s good, but it’s no House” and whether that will hurt it. Regardless, life (and TV life) goes on, and we’re hoping this doctor will reel us in quick.

And on the seventh day, God said “Let there be DVR’s.”


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