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Are the 90’s Back?

My time machine worked. It’s the 90’s again, and I have a chance to do things right this time! Well, in reality, the real reason it seems that the 90’s are back is because plenty of familiar faces from that decade will be making a comeback.

Backstreet Boys: BSB (as the cool kids used to call them….but no one does anymore) are reuniting and will be beginning to record a new album that will be released next spring. In order for this to feel like a true comeback, the oldest member of the famous boy band, Kevin Richardson, and his eyebrows, had to come back to his besties. And yes, Richardson agreed to return for one last hoorah. BSB’s (their I go again) new album will coincide with their 20th anniversary, and will always coincide with One Direction fans who have no idea who Backstreet Boys are….we’ll show them…we’ll them all…..

No Doubt: Settle Down, No Doubt is finally back. It’s been eleven years since No Doubt’s last album (Rock Steady) and Gwen and the boys have returned with their single “Settle Down,” which will be part of their new album Push and Shove, released September 25th. While it remains to be seen if their new album will be as successful as their second album Tragic Kingdom, it’s nice too see the popular ska band finally return home.

Green Day: If you’re out buying the new No Doubt album on September 25th, make sure to pick up the new Green Day album, UNO, released that same day; it’s like an adrenaline shot of nostalgia…I may cry. Judging from their first single “Oh Love,” it seems the California based band returned to their “Warning” days, and steered clear from their “American Idiot” days. Regardless, whether their music is politically fueled or not, any day with Green Day music, is a good day.

Matchbox Twenty: Continuing the trend of September releases, Matchbox Twenty will jump on the bandwagon and release their new album North, on September 4th. After a five year hiatus, MBT released their new single “She’s so Mean” and made sure to take advantage of the recent comebacks, and will try to cash in on the recent surge of 90’s bands.


So yes, I will be listening to all of these tunes, while playing my Gameboy, eating my DunkAroos, wearing my Ring Pop, and reading Goosebumps.


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