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WTF Week in Hollywood

Yes, most things that occur in Hollywood do provoke the response of “What the Fuck,” but this week, Hollywood really decided to provide us with some WTF headlines that put a big smile on our faces.

1) Stripper and Bears: This week, America showed the world why we are the most powerful country in the world…or, at least the country with the best taste in movies. People (mostly women and frat boys) came in droves in support for “Magic Mike” and “Ted.” Magic Mike destroyed the box office with about $54 million, and Ted (yes…the movie about the foul talking stuffed bear) earned $39 million of it’s own. Which begs the question: Why aren’t women showing up in droves when I dance half naked?

2) Tom and Katie Are No More: A little overdue, don’t you think? Whether it was Scientology, Tom’s recent movie choices, or his eerie laugh, Katie decided that she wanted no part of Tom Cruise’s antics anymore. I heard that Tom always wanted to play “The Floor is Lava” with Katie, and Katie was sick of Tom ruining all her couches.

3) Adele Making A Baby: This week we learned that Adele is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Simon Konecki. We also learned that Adele is not shallow at all, and that her next Cd will be called “9 months.”

4) Alec Baldwin Says “I do…not like the Paparazzi“:  The only Baldwin brother that matters did get married to a woman who is 26 years younger than him, but the real story is how much Alec truly despises people with cameras. He got in numerous spats with the Paps, and people were already holding a vigil for his wedding photographer.

5) Ann Curry Says Goodbye and “Fuck you“: Well, Ann didn’t exactly say those words, but everyone knows that she wanted to say those words to NBC and say them especially to Matt Lauer. I would have been excited if NBC made one of this announcements: That they will no longer be a network, or that they officially acknowledge the fact that Matt Lauer is a tool. Well, you can’t win them all.

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