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Bloody Hell, How about that Olympic Closing Ceremony

For sixteen days, you reached deep down into your stars and stripes soul and grabbed as much patriotism as you could. You found yourself interested in sports like water polo, or rowing. You learned places like Cameroon and Eritrea are actual places. You saw that the Queen of England is not easily amused…by anything really. Well, that all came to a close on Sunday night. Here are some of the highlights:

In case your life needed a “Spice.” – While the media had uncover this “secret” days earlier, it was still quite a shock to see all five members of the Spice Girls back together again. Sure, “Posh” seemed to be in her own little world again, striking a quick pose while the other four danced their arses off, but all in all, it was a much needed shot of nostalgia straight to my heart. Great to see these five cheeky gals back on their game. And no, i will never tire of British Slang.

Ready Freddie – In a great moment, a clip showing Freddie Mercury in a 1986 live gig, allowed for the crowed to join together and try to imitate every note that Freddie threw at them. A little part of me died knowing that I will never get the chance to see Freddie Mercury perform live on stage. But hey, we did get to hear Jessie J perform “We Will Rock You.” The rest of me died during her performance.

Bring on the Models – London gave your ears a break, and gave your eyes a bit of a treat as numerous British models showcased some fashions. Among the faces were Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, and yes, while these two may not have the “prettiest” past, a lot of those athletes were either too young to know who they are, or too drunk to actually care.

Lennon Makes an “Appearance” – While his band mate, Paul, may have had the opening ceremony, Lennon was given a spot at the closing ceremony. Lennon’s “Imagine” was blasted through the arena, and through the world, as millions were reminded why Imagine is still, to this day, one of the greatest songs ever written. The One Direction fan club is now yelling and cursing at me.

Off to Rio… – To wrap up a wonderful two weeks in London, the torch was finally passed to Rio, and Rio made sure to take advantage of this as they brought all of their Carnival sights and sounds with them. It was a quick preview as to what we can all accept in 2016 (that is if those damn Mayans aren’t right).

So for now, it’s goodbye London, and hello Rio. See you in 2016.

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