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American Idol Finally Lands Their Judges…

After months and months of speculations and rumors, American Idol has finally reeled in their four judges. Here is a quick breakdown of the four:

Nicki Minaj: One may not need to have “Closed Captions” on their television screens, as Minaj will not be rapping on the judges tables, but she will try to hand down her “wisdom” to the thousands of hopefuls on stage. It is definitely interesting to see such an artist, one of the most popular artist at the moment, take a shot at judging a singing competition, but people will tune in regardless, if not just to see Minaj’s choice of wardrobe.  

Keith Urban: Looking to add a little bit of country (although their is no Rock N’ Roll…I’m too young for that reference) Idol has gotten Keith Urban to agree to sit on one of those vacant judges table. Urban has the pipes, a respected career, and the experience to really bring some legitimacy to the table. Plus, we can all just swoon at his accent (look out for Australian fueled jokes aimed at him all season).

Mariah Carey: The biggest diva of them all will of course be Mariah Carey. Carey was the first of the four to sign, and she has already created a bit of a stir when she reportedly didn’t want Nicki Minaj to sign on. While Carey has an incredible voice, she probably needs this gig more than anyone, as her career needs a boost, and Nick Cannon needs to continue getting his allowance.

Randy Jackson: I’m sure Jackson now feels like a bit of an outsider now that three  popular artists will sit besides him. Jackson, entering his 12th season as an Idol Judge, still sounds like he knows what he’s talking about most of the time (and he his “dogs” and yo’s have dwindled a bit) so he is a solid holdover from last season. I really just want to see Randy and Nicki banter with each other.

Randy digs this.

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Who Should REALLY Grace the Judges Table on American Idol

After the recent departures of American Idol judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez (Did I miss the parade?) American Idol producers seem to be scrambling to reel in two judges that will: A, interest the young audience they are trying to reach, and B, compete with shows like The Voice and The X-Factor; two shows that are aiming to dethrone American Idol as the number one singing competition.

In order for American Idol to achieve this they need to acquire judges that are relevant, are knowledgeable about the music and/or the music business ( but, not really) and are interesting and entertaining enough to have people actually tune in every week.

Singing competitions isn’t about the talent anymore, it’s about who can get the most interesting judges. So, here are some top notch choices for judges, that would actually have people tuning in to see American Idol.

Russell Brand: Rude, crude, filthy, and was married to Katy Perry: Yes, Brand would be a perfect choice to judge others. I mean, the man played Aldous Snow, the lead singer of Infant Sorrow, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and was more convincing as a rock-star than half of the musicians today. America’s Got Talent has Howard Stern, but Brand would actually be funny, and can fill the role of obnoxious English judge.

Charlie Sheen: What? You wouldn’t tune into American Idol if Charlie Sheen was a judge? Of course you would. He would bring in liquor, drugs, and probably smell like motel sex. The contestants can see first hand what the music business is really like. And maybe Sheen can dust off some of his old catch phrases that endeared him to us in the first place.

Nicki Minaj: Yes, she may be busy growling, and yes, America may not always understand her while she handed out her advice and tips, but we desperately need someone to replace what Paula Abdul left behind. She’s relevant, and her choice of outfits would be reason enough to tune in. Contestants can also see a good example of what not to be in the music business.

Michael Bublé: Because among Brand, Sheen, and Minaj, we would need someone who could actually offer up some good feedback, and someone who had actual talent. Bublé can play the voice of reason and sanity, and give a bit of credibility to the show (see, it’s all about balance).

If producers can get these four, I am sure that America will run towards their living rooms in droves to watch….for the first week at least.


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