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The Great Gatsby Says Hello to Summer 2013

As if the Oscar Gods hadn’t screwed with Leonardo Dicaprio enough, we are now learning that Warner Bros. have decided to pack up their highly anticipated film, based on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the same name, and ship it to 2013.

Originally, Gatsby was schedule to be released Christmas day 2012, and would have gone up against another Dicaprio film, Django Unchained. People (film nerds/me) have already begun to speculate reasons for the surprising change in release date:

They are as follow – budget concerns, negative feedback, re-shoot scenes, financial gain, a curse set upon Dicaprio, a spell put upon Dicaprio, and my favorite, the Oscar Gods playing a sick joke on Dicaprio.

Regardless, it seems we will all have to wait just a bit longer to see how Baz Luhrman take on the Great Gatsby will turn out, and if it will be a very Gatsby summer 2013 for us all.

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Things That Made Us Cry (Happy Tears!) This Week

While you’re grilling in your backyard, hanging at the beach, or talking with strangers on the internet while stuffing your face with food, like I will be doing, check out some things that brought tears to our eyes this week.

1) The Official the Great Gatsby Trailer is Released:

Leonardo Dicaprio was born to play Jay Gatsby, and Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire seem to hold their own in Baz Lurhmann’s over the top version of the classic novel. There is glitz and glamor and Jack White belting out U2’s song “Love is Blindness.” To put it simply, this trailer is perfect.

2) Philip Philips Crowned American Idol Winner:

Dave Matthew’s son, I mean, Philip Philips was named the new American Idol winner, beating out sixteen year old, diva in the making, Jessica Sanchez. While there didn’t seem to be a huge celebration, compared to previous seasons, watching Philip breakdown while singing his catchy Mumford and Sons type song “Home,” was definitely a great moment.

3) Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailers:

The mere announcement that there was going to be an Anchorman 2, was enough to leave me in a puddle of my own pathetic fan boy tears. With the teaser trailer released this week, I may just drown.

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